Specialist Finance

Here at Bluebell we can help you with specialist property finance such as Bridging loans, Help to Buy, Right to Buy, Low or No deposit lending & Credit problems.

Bridging Finance

At Bluebell Mortgages we have specialist advisors who can arrange bridging finance for you.

Bridging loans are short-term finance options used to ‘bridge’ the gap between a debt becoming due and finance becoming available.

Why use Bridging Finance?

There may be a number of reasons you need bridging finance, for example:

Properties purchased at auction:

  • Bridging will enable a quick turnaround and allow you to complete within the prescribed timescale.

Properties that are unable to be mortgaged, for example:

  • No Kitchen or bathroom
  • In need of complete modernisation
  • Short length of lease

Chain break

  • If you have found your ideal property but have not sold your own; or have sold but need to complete on your purchase, before your sale goes through.
  • Bridging products are available to older borrowers who may have found the perfect property to downsize to.

Bridging may be able to provide the solution.


Right To Buy / Shared Ownership

If you are a council or shared ownership tenant and have been offered the opportunity to purchase your home, Bluebell Mortgages can help you. You will normally receive a discount on the open market value of your property which can be used as your deposit, this enables those without a deposit to purchase their own home. If you currently own part of your home on a shared ownership basis Bluebell Mortgages can help you to find out if you can buy some or all of the additional shares.  Right to buy and shared ownership mortgages are a complex area and so specialist advice is essential.
Read our guide to Shared Ownership here.

Please contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help.


Help To Buy

Help to buy is an initiative from the government to enable those buyers with a small deposit (you must have a minimum of 5%) to achieve home ownership. The government provide up to an additional 20% deposit in exchange for a 20% stake in your equity. No interest is payable for the 1st 5 years of the loan and after this period you pay interest linked to the retail prices index.

Help to buy is only available on new build properties.

Help to buy can be a complex area so please get in contact with us to discuss your individual requirements.


Retirement lending

Bluebell Mortgages have specialist advisors who can help you with borrowing later in life.

Age is no longer an issue!

More and more people are living longer and needing or choosing to borrow past their normal retirement age. In addition to lifetime mortgages options are now open to older borrowers similar to a traditional mortgage, this allows you to pay interest only rather than add interest to the loan.


Credit problems

Credit problems happen, it’s a fact life, events such as divorce, redundancy or becoming ill can leave there mark on your credit profile. You may have been turned down by your bank or building society and are feeling like you will never be able to obtain a mortgage. Bluebell Mortgages have access to specialist lenders who understand that things happen, with our knowledge and expertise we can look to find you a mortgage with a lender that will say yes.


Debt Consolidation

If you already own a property it may be possible to raise money to clear loan or credit card debt as well as replace your mortgage with a lower interest rate deal. Debt consolidation needs careful consideration as adding debts to a mortgage can cost you more in the long term. Bluebell Mortgages are experts in this area and as part of the process will carry out a debt consolidation analysis so that you know the true costs.


Low or no deposit mortgages

Saving a deposit is one of the hardest things for first time buyers to achieve, Bluebell Mortgages have many options available for those that are short on deposit funds. There are many ways that the deposit issue can be overcome.


  • Mortgages that require just a small deposit
  • Utilising a personal loan to provide the deposit
  • Parental assistance by way of a loan, moving their savings to the lender or using their house as collateral.

Talk to Bluebell Mortgages about solving the deposit problem.


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