Bluebell Mortgages are expert mortgage and protection consultants, locating the most appropriate and cost effective mortgage and financial protection solutions for our clients.

With the recent tightening of mortgage criteria and lenders tougher underwriting requirements it has never been harder and more time consuming to raise a mortgage, we have a can do attitude and will provide solutions rather than obstacles.

Bluebell Mortgages have highly trained and experienced mortgage consultants with over 30 years industry experience, who understand the current market place and what it takes to obtain an “Accept” from mortgage providers.

Clients can spend hours dealing with their own bank or building society only to find that they do not fit into that lenders’ guidelines, despite having been a moral customer for many years.

Bluebell Mortgages will analyse your current position in detail with the aim of placing you with a provider who will say yes first time, helping to cut down the time, stress, effort and cost to you.

As well as securing the most suitable terms for mortgage finance we will also ensure that you have the correct and relevant level of protection in place should things go wrong, we are fully qualified and able to advise on life assurance , critical illness cover, Income protection and home insurance. At Bluebell we believe that our job does not end as soon as your mortgage offer is approved and we work closely with solicitors and estate agents to ensure that you complete you purchase or remortgage in a timely manner.

Here at Bluebell we won’t confuse you with complicated finance jargon but we will provide practical, straightforward mortgage advice to help you understand and achieve the mortgage and insurances that you need.  We will be here every step of the way to guide you though the process and our included aftercare service means we will be here to answer any queries whenever they arise in the future.

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