At Bluebell we are passionate about ensuring that we advise and arrange the most appropriate mortgage products for our clients. Once this has been achieved we are equally passionate about ensuring that you can remain in your home and support yourself and family if the unforeseen should happen.

We are fully qualified to advise you on your protection requirements.  This can range from life assurance to protect your mortgage or family, critical illness cover if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a specified serious illness, or income protection to cover your income if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness.

This can be a complicated area and one that can be pushed to the side during the stress of moving however the day may come when it is too late to rectify this decision.  We will help to take the stress out of arranging your protection and ensure that these essential decisions are addressed and appropriate products are in place when they need to be.

Types of insurance solutions:

Life assuranceThis pays out if you die, usually within a set term.

  • Mortgage cover – will pay out a lump sum to cover an outstanding mortgage debt and can be arranged on a level (to cover an interest only loan) or decreasing basis to cover a repayment loan.
  • Family cover – will pay out a lump sum or income to your loved ones to help see them through school to adulthood or to your partner if they would be unable to financially support themselves without your income.

Critical illness coverThis pays out if you suffer a critical illness such as Cancer, heart attack, stroke or any illness specified in the policy.

  • It can be added to a mortgage or family policy or taken on its own, it will provide a lump sum or income. Critical illness cover can be a complicated area with providers offering many differing levels of cover and policy specific conditions. At Bluebell we have a detailed knowledge of the market and can provide you with advice and recommend a critical illness policy that is right for you.

Income protectionPays out if you are unable to earn your wages due to an accident or illness.

  • Income protection provides a monthly income to replace your normal earnings if you cannot work due to an illness or an accident. It is available to employed and self-employed people and can provide a much-needed lifeline to cover your mortgage, bills, food, utilities and other regular monthly outgoings.

Whole of life assurancePays out when you die and does not have an end date.

  • Whole of life assurance is guaranteed to pay out at some point and can be used with inheritance tax planning to cover any tax liability.

Home insuranceto cover your buildings and contents.

  • If you are purchasing or re-mortgaging a property with a mortgage then buildings insurance is a mandatory requirement of the lender and needs to be in force at the point of exchange of contracts.
  • We have 5-star defaqto rated home insurance providers to provide top quality cover and service.

Landlords insuranceas home insurance but for rental properties.

  • As buildings insurance, but on tenanted properties.
  • Landlords can also select cover for their rental income if a tenant defaults.  

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