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Inflation, Interest Rates and Your Mortgage FAQ’s

Inflation, Interest Rates and Your Mortgage

What is the Bank of England base rate?

The base rate is a standard for the cost of borrowing money. It is significant to homeowners because mortgage lenders (and other types of loan providers) use it as the basis for the rates they charge. If the base rate rises, then the cost for borrowing will also rise.

What is a Bank of England Rate change?

This is when the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) determines that – in the best interest of the overall economy – that the Bank of England’s Base Rate needs to be adjusted from its current rate (this can either be an increase or a decrease).

What is inflation and why does it matter?

From increases in everyday goods and shopping to rising energy bills, the rate of inflation tends to affect everything we need to pay for. In particular grocery prices have been suggested to have already been increased as manufacturers pass on their growing costs of wages, materials, energy and transport.
As a result of the current inflation rate, the Bank of England has a target of reducing inflation down to 2% and one of the main ways to achieve this is by increasing interest rates.

How will an increase in interest rates affect my mortgage?

An increase in rates may have an impact on your monthly mortgage payments but it will also depend on what sort of mortgage you have. If you have a fixed-rate deal, the good news is that nothing will change until your deal ends and you need to re-mortgage.
However if you are a borrower with a variable or tracker mortgage or your fixed deal is coming to an end your payments may change if the base rate changes.
A standard variable rate is what you’ll be transferred onto if the term of your fixed rate deal, or discount deal, ends before you re-mortgage.
Rate increases are likely to occur slowly. Historically banks have gone for 0.25% to reduce the impact.

When could the Base Rate change again in the future?

The Base Rate will change when the when the Monetary Policy Committee determines that the UK economy needs to adjust to remain stable and sustainable.

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee regularly reviews the Base Rate (normally on a monthly basis) to determine whether a change is required.

What can I do about it?

You should speak to a qualified mortgage advisor if you are unsure which options would be best for your individual circumstances.
If your fixed rate deal is due to end within the next few months, you could see what your options are for a good deal now, while you can. Advisers can apply for deals several months before your mortgage expires, as this can sometimes be a long process, it may be a good idea to start this before your current deal ends.

Here at Bluebell Mortgages we have specialist advisers that can help you find the right deal for you.
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