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New research from Barclays has revealed the British Christmas present run-down, and it’s bad news for grandparents who are set to receive fewer presents than four-legged members of the family. In fact, family pets can expect four per cent more presents that the nation’s grandfathers this year. Over a third (34 per cent) of pet owners admitted they will splash out on Christmas presents for their furry friends, compared to 11 per cent saying they will be buying for grandparents.

While the youngest child is often accused of being the most spoiled in the family, the research shows that it is in fact the eldest child who can expect to do the best out of Christmas this year. Not only will they receive more presents than any other family member, but they will have the most spent on them – an average of £70.13.

Barclay’s research indicates that the average Brit will purchase 27 presents for their family and friends, typically spending £37 per gift. 65 per cent of Brits say they enjoy buying presents for their loved ones but nearly a third (32 per cent) admit to getting carried away at Christmas. As a result, a huge 68 per cent admit to worrying about their finances during the christmas period – unsurprising when research has predicted that Brits will spend £17 billion on gifts this festive season.

The research also revealed that the top five worst presents to receive at Christmas were batteries, underwear, socks, a tie and soap. Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of Brits have returned an unwanted gift

And 78 per cent of the Baby Boomer generation say children today get far more presents than they did when they were young.