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Research by Simplyhealth has revealed Britain’s “keep calm and carry on” culture, coupled with lengthy wait times for treatment and lack of access to healthcare, could be having a detrimental impact on the nation’s health, with mental wellbeing in particular a key area of concern.

According to the report, 59% of Brits consider themselves to be very or fairly healthy, yet it seems many are in fact neglecting their everyday health needs. For instance, an estimated 2.7 million UK adults suffer with minor health concerns, such as the cold, stomach complaints and headaches, every single day.  However, when it comes to staying healthy, just 16% will visit the doctor when they feel unwell.  While the average Brit will wait for over two weeks before booking an appointment with their doctor about a minor health concern.

This appears to be taking its toll, with one in five (21%) admitting their illnesses last longer as they can’t get to the doctors due to other commitments.  Other reasons for not seeking medical attention for minor illnesses or injuries include not being able to get an appointment, lack of access to a local GP and not wanting to waste the doctors’ time.

Furthermore, many people are failing to take proactive steps to maintain their everyday health, with less than half (46%) of those surveyed booking regular check-ups with the optician to monitor their eye health and just 51% making an appointment with the dentist for a general check-up.

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