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In its latest review of the spending habits of the UK population, the Office for National Statistics found that the average weekly household expenditure was £572.60 in the financial year ending 2018; this represents the highest weekly spend since the financial year ending 2005, after adjusting for inflation.

Transport was the category with the highest average weekly spend of £80.80, equivalent to 14% of households’ average total weekly expenditure.  Households whose occupants were aged between 50 and 74 years appeared to have spent almost a quarter of their housing expenditure costs on alterations and improvements.
An average total of £76.10 was spent on housing, fuel and power and £74.60 on recreation and culture. When Transport is added in, this accounts for 40% of total average weekly household expenditure.

Average weekly household spending was the highest in London and the South East (over £650), whilst spending in the North East was the lowest, approximately £200 less. Households with heads aged under 30 years and those in Northern Ireland spent the most on takeaway meals eaten at home, £7.80 and £8.60 per week respectively. Households’ average weekly spend on alcoholic drinks away from the home was less in the financial year ending 2018 (£8.00) compared with 10 years ago (£10.90), after adjusting for inflation.
Households in London spent the most on alcoholic drinks away from home, spending an average of £9.30 a week.

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