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New research from Barclays has revealed that 63 per cent of Brits admit they struggle to stay in control of their spending, with 39 per cent spending on unnecessary items simply out of boredom. In a bid to keep temptation at bay, 22% of people surveyed revealed that they have gone to the length of keeping money in their underwear drawers and 17% admitted even stowing it under the bed.

The findings also revealed that over a third of Brits are aware that they spend too much on daily treats when they know they shouldn’t, whilst 32% said they spend too much on online shopping because there’s nothing to stop them. A further 24% of Brits also went on to admit that they feel unsettled if they haven’t bought something in a week.

In terms of where Brits aspire to spend their money, 41% said that travelling abroad is a key desire and getting a healthy bank balance is essential to achieving goals for only two in five people, who said they wouldn’t buy a house, change a career or start a family until they did so.

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