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Tips on Property Viewing

So, you have a property in mind and have arranged a viewing with the agent, here are some tips on viewings.

Making the most of your viewing.

Amazingly you will probably spend more time looking at a new phone, handbag or shirt than you will looking at your most expensive purchase your home. Even a large 5/6-bedroom house can be viewed in under 15 mins, a 1 or 2-bedroom house or apartment could be as little as 5. But a viewing if conducted with the owner is a golden opportunity to get some face to face time with the person selling the house (not the agent). A friendly chat with the seller can reveal a wealth of information about the circumstances behind the sale.

  • Are they moving up the ladder?
  • Are they separating or divorcing?
  • Moving for work
  • Emigrating
  • Have a baby on the way
  • An older person moving into care
  • An inherited property
  • A Buy-To-Let Investor selling an empty property

If you get the scenario where the seller must sell you may be able to negotiate an offer on the asking price. For example, someone who is relocating for work has a finite time to move and wouldn’t normally want to have the costs of an empty property as well as their new accommodation.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity by whizzing round the house, take your time ask questions and just have a general chat, you would be surprised at what a lot of sellers will tell you if you simply ask the questions.

Worried about dealing with agents, let us do it for you!!

Dealing with estate agents can be daunting, we do it all the time so if this is something that you would like some help with just ask. We can put your offer in for you and negotiate the sale, this is at no additional cost!

Its important to speak to an adviser and find your budget before starting to look around new houses.
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